The Smokin Meat Mafia is for the grillin & meat smokin, sauce makin, rub creatin, pit buildin, barbecuing enthusiasts that have a passion for rubbin their meat, pullin their pork, and having a great time doing it! If you share your love by sharing your meat, then we share the same love! We have been helping 10's of THOUSANDS of folks up their smokin and grillin game since January 2017! We've been doing it through our "Gettin Smoked" newsletter, and our closed Facebook group which you can sign up for here Join Us. We've had a smokin meat and grillin passion for over 45 years! Top that with a passion for helping people and The Smokin Meat Mafia was created. We have tons of awesome recipes, how too's and giveaways for those that Join Us in The Family. We have learned a LOT over the years and love to pass it on.